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In - Progress side project  Open to suggestions.  Looking for a Sound Artist!

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Please Don't Touch is a therapeutic relaxing game wherein your only goal is to touch things.

Using pleasing visuals, binaural beats and ASMR sound effects, take a break a few times a day to relieve depression and anxiety =)


Point with the mouse
Forward: Left click +hold
Back: Right click + hold
Move Left/Right: A, D

Quit: Alt+F


PleaseDontTouch.zip 196 MB

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Okay, that was actually kinda relaxing, even if I was causing absolute havoc in this abstract museum filled with gems! One little thing that could be improved is getting a sense of depth on the hand - I wasn't quite sure when the hand was actually right next to the things it was going to touch; maybe some shadows could help? 

I hadn't thought of this but now you mention it  that's totally something I'll have to take a look at! Thanks so much for playing and your feedback!! 

No problem. You're welcome!